Album Review: Layzie Bone “The Definition”

21 Feb

By Jesse Johnson

Album Review:
Layzie Bone-The Definition-Release Date 2/22/2011

Layzie Bone, "The Definition"

I met the legends, Bone Thugs N Harmony, back in September of 2010  and most of the time was spent with Layzie Bone, Big Sloan, and  Lmac of the Mo Thug Family. They were telling me back then to watch out for Layzies 2 cds coming out in late February. Being a BTNH music addict I was counting down the weeks already. I got a copy of the albums a couple weeks early and I am happy to review before it comes out tomorrow.

Me and Layzie Bone

Fans of Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony have waited over 6 years for this album. Layzie comes back at the solo game hard after 6 years since his last official release “It‘s not a game“ (2005). He has had many other release over the last 6 years but mostly joint ventures with other artist (Bizzy Bone-Bone Brothers 1-3, Big Sloan-Thug Twinz, and The Outlawz-Thug Brothers), mix tapes, and previously unreleased track compilations. He had so much music by the time he was done with the new project that he decided to do what not too many artist have done.  He his dropping 2 albums on the same day (2/22/11). The titles are “The Definition” and “The Meaning”. This review is for “The Definition”.

This album is everything I expected after the long wait plus more. It has the classic Bone formula of mixing the hustle, struggle, streets, positive, love, do better and learn types of music all with solid beats that make it impossible not to bob your head. If you are looking for the positive style you will have to check out the first track of the album “New Life” featuring Thin-C. This is a jam that I have been cranking up in the mornings. It gets you in the motivated mind set to get things done. On this track the message is basically whatever you set your mind on, if you work hard  to get it, it will happen no matter who tries to stop you. Another of my favorites on this album is called “My Hood”, featuring Chamillionaire and The Bizness. This song is one you can ride around in the car turned up with the windows down (unless you live here in MPLS and its still freezing). This is a different type of beat then I am used to hearing Layzie on but his flow adapts very well. Gives shouts out to Big and Pac which is always a good thing to me. Chamillionaire fits perfect on this track. His flow is sick as usual and his word play displays why he is one of the greatest wordsmiths in rap!
If you are looking for the hustle music about working at what you do until your paid in full you will want to check out the following tracks:  “Lucky 7’s” Featuring Felicia- another great duet from these 2 as they have done since the formation of Mo Thugs.  “Grind Hard” featuring Paul Wall and Dirty Red- This one has the dirty south type beat to it and Layzies flow once again adapts well to the different style.  Paul wall sounds right at home on this track.  “Chasin Paper” and “Thugs Hold It Down”  both good tracks just not my favorite.

A few of my personal favorites on this album are: “Hear Em Knockin” featuring Krayzie Bone and Flesh N Bone (see video included)-This song is a straight Bone classic. It talks about the rap game evolving to their style now that they see the $ in it.  (The independent rap scene is where the real money is but that’s a different article).  Layzie, Krayzie and Flesh speed it up and hold it down like they are still “East 1999” hungry on this one. Another great one is “If I Can’t Do it” (see video included)-  This one Layzie takes it back to the streets and lets the industry know that if anyone can claim crown to the Midwest flow it his him. Flow is off the radar and I dig the beat. Video is good to there are a few reasons you will never see it on TV lol. “The Definition”-the title track to this album is very different sounding.  The flow and the beat have almost the late 70’s funk sound to them. It reminds me of some Sugar Hill Gang throw back sound. Lyrics are real nice on this one as well.

There are a few more tracks on this album worth checking out but not my favorites so I won’t go into detail. “Spend The Nigh” featuring Baby Bash sounds like its for the club or woman audience.  Same with the track “Enjoy the View”. Overall I will give this album an 8 out of 10. Lots of good tracks that I will jam repeatedly but a couple that I will be skipping. I personally am glad the Layzie and the rest of Bone are breathing life back into a dying rap game where lyrics have become obsolete.  There will be lots of music from the Bone camp this year so stay tuned.  I will also be reviewing the second Layzie album this week “The meaning”. Take Care and Peace Out.


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